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I just wanted to tell you that we, my little grandchildren (Aaron (3) & Marisa (4)) enjoyed Sir Nick of Tyme. Because this book is what I call a keeper, it doesn't get handled like all the other books. Little Aaron has asked me to read the book to him more than once since the first time and I found Marisa trying to follow the story line. What she tends to do is remember and read the story with you the next time.  It's such a joy for me to read a positive book to my babies and it has characters they can relate to. When I bought the book, I also bought & sent a copy to my niece for her grandson. I knew he would enjoy it. The illustrations are wonderful too! It is really a nice children's book but also nice for the young at heart like me!!!!

M. Davis-Pugh

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Traditional children's literature at its best!
While this story will be enjoyed by both girls and boys alike, if I had a son, I would frame each artistic page for his room. The author, whom I have met, is active in his community and a true role-model to youths. This is an earnest tale that will inspire youths to go after their greatest dreams!

B. Davis,


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