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Good morning and God bless you, Kevin.
This note is to congratulate you and your lovely wife, Veronica, on producing such a marvelous piece of literature.

While you may have intended it to be a book for children, I see it as so powerful for all ages. I actually see more than one message. First, it really is a good thing to dream. Hold on to those dreams, yet always be watchful for opportunities to fulfill your dreams.

Secondly, there's a message of kindness here -- (Eph.4:32) kindness for everyone, especially those who are less fortunate than you. And sometimes, even that kindness
becomes contagious.

Bakers talking

Wow, Kevin! A job well done - really five-star.

To God be all the glory! We wish you and yours nothing but the very best God has to offer you.

Emilia's Grandpa and Grandma
K. and D. Claytor


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